Refurbish 20 ea Containers

Agency Name: NASA
Agency Location: Langley Research Center – Hampton, VA
Project Name: Refurbish 20 ea Containers

Project Description: Performed all logistics for a total of 20 hoppers from Langley NASA in Hampton VA to our shop in Rogersville AL. MechCO completed all the requested repairs needed to bring these 20 hopper back up to NASA specification. MechCo performed a environmentally safe media blast to remove all existing coatings with a water, media, and air system that eliminates all dust partials under typical sand blasting procedure. This system is known as Eco Blast and is also very time efficient. Therefore saving NASA funding on this project. All metal repairs were made per the specification given from NASA and welds were performed under ANSI/AWS D1.1 welding code. MechCo supplied all WPS, PQR’s, Welder certifications to NASA for this code.